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Creating Peace of Mind

for people and animals


Helping Yourself

If you are feeling blocked in life 

and can’t find a way forward with certain situations, such as relationships, coping with grief or loss, betrayal, health issues,

financial difficulty or work,

then a private consultation 

can assist you in understanding what is happening and how to resolve this issue, make sense of loss, and move through your grief .

Through clearing your mind, 

having compassion 

and self trust in the present moment 

I will help you to find an easier and more peaceful way forward that is lasting and expansive for you and the ones your love.

 who may be affected by what you are going through too.

We can grow and develop as human beings by addressing painful problems 

that are affecting our daily lives

and loving what is without needing to change anything.

Life is responding to you in every moment.

Inviting you to return to trust, 

trusting life moves through you

trusting your body knows how to heal.

Helping your horse

Do you ever find yourself wondering…

  • Why your horse does that?

  • if your horse is as healthy as they could be and getting the right nutrition for a long and healthy life?

  • if you are doing everything you can to prevent lameness, colic, and other metabolic disorders and ensure long and vibrant life?

  • if your saddle is fitting, hooves are balanced, teeth are balanced and effective and your horse is comfortable pain-free?

  • if you are as balanced, centred and strong as possible in the saddle both physically and emotionally?

  • if your horse sees you as a confident and trustworthy leader or quite the opposite?

  • if your horse is happy in their current environment and with their current work?

  • how you and your horse can feel more safe. comfortable and relaxed under saddle?

  • how you’re going to deal with your horse’s inevitable final transition?

  • why your horse is in your life and what they might have to teach you?

If you answered yes to a good number of the questions above, it would seem you’re in the right place! 

Applying theTrust Process is the first valuable step to building on the unique connection you and your horse have.

Mutual trust is a fundamental principle of the Trust process for people and animals.

  • Mutual - it involves you + your horse and is beneficial for both

  • About being invested in the best outcome for your horse - 

Ask yourself - 

"What’s in this activity for my horse? Where is the value for them?"

  • Finding enjoyment in what you’re doing for both you & your horse

When you are "tuned in" to your horses, you still have goals, but they are about finding harmony & unity in everything you do together, rather than a task or goal focused outcome.

When you’re attuned to someone you’re aware of & adapt yourself to their:

  • Desires
  • Feelings
  • Opinions

We will open you up to an inspiring way of working with horses in liberty. 

We will help you consider training from the horse’s perspective,

 figure out what your horse needs, 

& help you to approach challenges in a compassionate, intuitive way.

When your horse has choice, you will both be successful and fulfilled in your partnership.

When you inspire your horse to want to be with you, through open communication, 

You will be enough for your horse.

There's nothing better than connection with your horse. It makes every ride, every interaction better. And connection is almost impossible when there is no TRUST, there is fear in the way. 

Imagine what your life would be like without all that fear. With the skills you will take away from The healing Trust process, and the support from Sarah-jane, you can finally let your fear go and return to TRUST in doing what you love the most.

Helping your Animals

Help your animals live happy, healthy lives by learning advanced animal communication and healing body processes. 

Together you and your animal companion will find a deeper sense of trust and confidence. 

You will learn to resolve any health or behavioral issues through learning the Trust Process or by having a private consultation with me/

Are you with me?

Join the conversation if you are ready to learn how to move forward from fear to trust in challenging times. Together we will find the courage to move forward after loss and recover from grief to be the best you can be.

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The Trust Process

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